DPI Scaling Level Windows 10

Dear Community,

I encounter a problem in recording my screen with ActivePresenter, since my upgrade to windows 10 on my Surface 4. When starting the program in Windows 10 it seemed that the program itself was blurry. Upon googling I learned, that this was because of the DPI Scaling of Windows 10. I continued to work with the program, since it seemed functional. After my first recording I noticed, that the mouse was off. The recording showed my mouse in a wrong spot. I than changed the DPI Scaling in the setting of the program, to use the DPI Scaling of ActivePresenter itself. This solves the problem of the mouse being recorder in the wrong spot, but makes the buttons of the program unworkably small. I wanted to ask if there is a workaround for this? Because right now I’m recording my screen with the DPI Scaling of the program. I need to restart the program with the DPI Scaling of Windows, to edit the recording.Maybe the program needs to be updated for Windows 10?

DPI settings of Windows 10 mess with mouse while recording and settings of program make program to small to work with. Is there a solution?

ActivePresenter Version:
Free 6.1.3

Windows 10



This is a known issue of the current version of ActivePresenter when working with high DPI screen and there is no way to resolve the problem now.

We have implemented this feature in the ActivePresenter 7 that makes ActivePresenter works better on high DPI screen. The new version will be available in few months.



About the problem “The recording showed my mouse in a wrong spot”, did you use two screens or just only one screen of Surface 4? We want to clarify the problem because in our test this bug only happens when using two screens with different DPI scaling.



It’s just the one screen of the surface itself. My workaround right now is, that I disable the comparability setting DOI scaling when recording and enable it when editing. You do not happen to have a beta version do you?


It’s maybe a bug of ActivePresenter when working with Surface 4.
We don’t have a beta version now. However, it will be available soon.


This issue is still there with the latest version. Clicks and moves aren’t on the right spot of the screen, so have to adjust everything manually… Can this be fixed? Is this a known issue?

Do you use multiple monitors with different DPIs? If so, please set the same DPI for all monitors to overcome this issue.

No just 1 screen from my laptop


Can you please let us know the DPI scale of your screen? Please check with 175% or 200% values to see if it works or not?