Doubled cursor during software simulation


I have a question about using Cursor Path when editing sofware simulation. When I click on a side bar and grab it to move the page, then during the editing I see that the clicked cursor stays at the same position and another cursor appears which is recorded on a video slide.

My question is, how can delete the cursor which in on the Cursor Path, when I when want to see only the video recorded cursor?

If i could split the Cursor Path, then it would not be a problem.

Unfortunately I cannot cut from the Cursor Path without the whole line jumps together.

Thank you!

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: Windows 10


I am not sure that I understand your problem correctly, but if you want to edit the cursor path, you can refer to this video:

If the video doesn’t contain what you are looking for, please describe your problem in more details so we can understand better.
It would be very helpful if you can share a screenshot or a video to illustrate the problem.



Thank you for the video! Unfortunately, it does not contain the solution for me.

Let me explain the problem in other words. So, as you can see on the atteched picture, there are two cursors.

When I move the side bar during the recording, the cursor from the Cursor Path stays where I grabbed the side bar. Because of the side bar’s movement, the ActivePresenter creates a video slide, where the moving cursor is displayed. The problem is that the cursor from the Cursor Path does not disappear when the video slide is being played.


You can adjust the ending time of the Cursor Path object to the time that the cursor in recorded video appears to see if it works.