Dont Move between slides through the browser console AP7

My English is not very good so I apologize if the translation is very literal
Because I have to revise the project already published, I need to move between slides, in ver. 6 with the browser console I wrote the command “Prez.ShowSlide (5);” and it goes directly to slide 5. Now in ver. 7 it is no longer possible to perform this action even though you used the updated command “prez.showSlideAt (5);”

How to move between slides, because in this way we control changes, and it is not practical to go from the beginning.

Debido a que tengo que revisar el proyecto ya publicado, necesito desplazarme entre diapositivas, en la vercion 6 con la consola del navegador escribia el comando “Prez.ShowSlide(5);” y se dirije directamente a la diapositiva 5. Hahora en la vercion 7 ya noe s posible realizar esta acción aunque utiliso el comando actualizado “prez.showSlideAt(5);”

Como desplazarme entre diapositivas, por que de esta manera hacemos el control de cambios, y no es practico ir desde el comienzo.

ActivePresenter Version: 7




The current presentation object (prez) is available only for scripts executed by the Execute JavaScript action. For external scripts, you must get prez from the global player object AtomiAP as below:

  • If the HTML page contains only one presentation (the normal case when you export and don’t modify output HTML files): AtomiAP.presentations[0]
  • If the HTML page contains multiple presentations: AtomiAP.find(containerId)

So the command to jump to slide 5 will be: AtomiAP.presentations[0].showSlideAt(5); (suppose that you have only one presentation in the page).


Thank you very much for the guidance, it works perfect.
Mucha gracias por la orientación, funciona perfecto.