Does ActivePresenter have to contain at least one question for lms to record completion status?

I want to have my institute’s Canvas LMS to record and report the completion status of an ActivePresenter module which doesn’t contain any question slide. But I found that Canvas didn’t recognize student’s completion even when the report slide showed that the student has completed viewing all the slides.

The above SCORM was then uploaded to SCORM Cloud ( for testing.

Below screenshot of report slide inside the SCORM shows that the viewing percentage is 100.

But the below testing result shows that the completion status is incomplete.

Then, I uploaded another ActivePresenter module to SCORM Cloud to test. There are two questions embedded in this module. When I answered the questions correctly and completed the module, I got the report slide as shown below.

And the testing result from SCORM Cloud below shows that the completion status and score are consistent with the above slide.

Therefore, I want to ask, is it required to embed a question for student to answer in order to show the correct completion status on SCORM Cloud / LMS?

Below please find the project files mentioned above for your reference.
Module without question: A9 Completion Test 18May2023.approj (460 KB)
Module with questions:
A9 Two MCQs 17-5-2023.approj (588 KB)

ActivePresenter version: 9

OS: Windows 10

Thank you!


Thank you for your detailed description which helps us a lot in finding the solution quickly.

The last slide of your first project contains a pausing slide action, which prevents it from uploading the completion and success status to the LMS.
To resolve it, please check the Auto Advance option of the slide:

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