Display actual slide time on slide thumbnail AND plahead

Request 1
In the top left of each slide you see the slide duration.
Could you please add the actual time of the slide when it begins.
To elaborate, assume the time you see here below is the time you see at the top left in the slide:
[slide 1] - 03:10
[slide 2] - 02:00
[slide 3] - 01:00

Now add it as follows
[slide 1] - 03:10
[slide 2] - 02:00 - 03:10 (this slide begins at 03:10)
[slide 3] - 01:00 - 05:10 (this slide begins at 05:10)

Now the user instantly sees at what time each time actually begins!

Request 2
Add the above as an HOVER item over the playhead. (Or when a shortcut is pressed then the hover appears.)

To elaborate,
User moves the scrubber/playhead/cursor on the time line, then the use presses a keyboard shortcut for example [F12] and immediately a balloon hovers over the playhead and displays the ACTUAL time on which that playhead is this makes it MUCH MUCH easier for users to refer further or back in other slides in annotations.

For example when I am in slide 2 and I need to refer to slide 7 to a certain annotation
I just put the playhead on that annotation in slide 7, press F12 and I see the exact actual time on which that annotation or other object is.


Thanks for you feedback. We will try to improve this in the future updates.