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Disable pass condition?

Problem: The pass conditions don’t work when uploading the scorm package in our LMS. We don’t actually need pass conditions so I have set “number of slides viewed not less than 1” but even if you go through the entire course, it remains incomplete in our LMS. This is the case in all operation modes.

Is there an option to disable pass conditions OR to make it function correctly in our LMS? (The LMS supports Scorm 1.2)

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.8

OS: Windows 10



Can you please share the project and let us know the name of your LMS so we can check?



It’s TalentLMS. How would you like me to share the project?


Please email it to If it is large, you can upload to a cloud storage site like Google Drive then send the link to us.


Hi Ning_De_Baere,

Your presentation pauses at the end of the last slide so it remains incomplete.
Please select Auto Advance for the last slide.


That seems to work, thanks!

This doesn’t work when the course ends with audio (example in attachment).

2.4 Werkwijze 4.approj (3.1 MB)

Here is our result when checking you project with TalentLMS.

It seems work correctly. Can you please check again?