Difficulty in using object.clear() on Drag'nDrop

Hello. I can’t achieve to clear user input on a Drag’n Drop quizz.
I use prez.objet(‘DragDrop’).clear() from the manual but user’s answers are not canceled at all.
Any solution ?
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ActivePresenter version: 9.1.0

OS: Win10



For your information, the clear function executes once objects are displayed and only clears on the user interface.

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Hi,I’m sorry but
1/ I don’t really understand your answer
2/ when I try this function with a Drag’n Drop interaction client doesn’t see every time drapped objects going “back” to their initial places…
Could you explain what is supposed to happen please ? (depending -or not- on interaction result)


Could you please share the slide where the clear function is not working with us by sending it to our dedicated support email at: support@atomisystems.com so we can check it and assist you further?

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