Deleting resources from the timeline action layers

Hello to everyone. I’ve imported several SVG’s into Saola Animate. Most were fine but one or two had small issues. I want to delete them from both the timeline actions layer and then the resources. However I can’t find a way to do this. If I try to delete from resources it gives an error ’ Cannot delete resources that are in use '.

If I select the timeline action layer for that resource there’s no delete feature, it is greyed out. In the screengrab I want to delete the layer (?) handshake-delete but it’s not an option.



Timeline only allows deleting keyframes and animations, not elements.
To delete elements, you must select them on Canvas or Elements pane, then press Delete key.
After deleting an element, its associated resource is free (if it’s not used by any other element). You can delete this resource from Resources pane.


Thank you Toan Le for your quick reply. I’ve managed to delete the unwanted SVG files via the Elements pane but I must admit this is hardly intuitive. If I don’t want them on the timeline surely this is the place to delete them?

Further to this I find that even though they are deleted from the elements panel they are still uploaded into the Resources folder, as are renamed SVG’s .

At 71 I’m finding it difficult to get my head around the software but I’ll persevere :wink:

Thanks again,

Hi Egg,

I agree that it’s more convenient if elements can be deleted from the Timeline. We’ll consider about this feature for future releases.

Resources can be imported without any corresponding elements.
They can also be used by user scripts.
So they’ll not be deleted when deleting elements.


Thanks for that Toan. I’m working more & more with SVG’s lately and Saola handles them very well so I’ll probably have many questions in the future.

I dislike starting new threads on a forum without searching for previous threads first but I find the search feature on your forum all but useless :unamused:

Hi Egg,

Please feel free to ask if you have any question.