Define correct/incorrect answers - Available in free version?

I have just installed free version of Active Presenter. I am trying to create a quiz. I can’t find “The Choice tab” which is supposed to allow me to define which answers in a quiz are correct and which are incorrect. Is it available in free version?

On this page ( is says: “The Choice tab (11):
Define which one will be the correct/incorrect answer(s).
Define number of points that the learner will gain for each correct answer.”

Thanks in advance!

ActivePresenter Version: 7.3.1.

OS: Mac

Hi Yermishkina,
The tutorial link you sent is for ActivePresenter 6. We’ve updated new tutorials for ActivePresenter 7 here:
Regarding your question, defining correct answers for questions can be different, depending on which type of question you’re using to create the quiz (multiple choice, multiple response, drag-n-drop, etc.). So, please take a look at the tutorial list and find out the one that helps.

Hanh, thank you very much, that helped!