Default mouse cursor

Hello, as a company, we have purchased your product to record our software tutorial videos. Is there any way, how to set a default mouse pointer for the whole project? We are only using the windows 7 arrow. We do not want to do it slide by slide (e.g changing hand -> windows 7 arrow). Thank you.

Hi Jan,

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to do that. Please try the following steps to see if they can help:

  • Select a cursor path and change its cursors to the desired one.
  • Right-click the cursor path and select Set As Default Cursor Path.
  • Select ActivePresenter > Project > Batch Operations > Insert Objects…
  • Set the Object Type option to Cursor Path, then select the slides that you want to change.
  • Click OK.


Hi, it seems it will work for us. Thanks a lot.