D2L error messsage upon upload

We are getting this error message when we upload a SCORM 1.2 package. Any thoughts?
“The published package has been identified as a topic, but no metadata was found in the package manifest that can be applied to a topic. Metadata must be included in all objects uploaded to the LOR or searches cannot locate them. D2L recommends that you locate topic metadata in the package manifest in either one of two places: below the tag for the topic or below the tag associated with the topic.”
Thanks, Rick

After unchecking Demonstration, tutorial, practice, test on export
I get this message " Error: The file provided is not a recognized SCORM 1.2 content package. Ensure the name spacing is correct in the IMS manifest and all required elements are present.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your issue description.

When exporting your SCORM, you have to select at least one mode to export.
In case multiple modes are selected, remember to tick the Export each operation mode to a separated package checkbox (Export To SCORM dialog > eLearning tab > SOCRM Options section). This supports exporting each operation mode to a separate package.
If you didn’t select this option, all operation modes will be put into a package, each mode is an organization in the package.
And it seems that your LMS doesn’t support a package with many organizations, so it reports the error.

Kindly try selecting this option, exporting, and uploading your project again.
In case you still encounter the issue, please share your SCORM package together with your project with its external data folder named in the PROJECT_FILE_files (if any) to support@atomisystems.com so that we can check it (see details at How to Send Projects with External Data Folders - ActivePresenter 8 - YouTube).

Looking forward from you.