Custom shapes available for capture

Problem: I would like to know if we can add custom shapes which will get available in Insert > Shapes drop down in AP?
I’m using rectangular callout (as default) but my company wants me to add custom shape callouts. If this new callout is available within ActivePresenter, then can I make it as default shape. Once it is default, then the capture will automatically display the new shape.

Is there any alternative way than manual callout changing?

Thanks in advance.

ActivePresenter version: 8.2.0



I suppose that you want to reshape the callout in Record Software Simulation.
You can follow these steps to create a custom theme to reuse it easily:

  1. In the current record software simulation project, select a callout > open the Format tab > Change Shape > select a new shape that you want.
  2. Right-click that shape > Set as Default Shape.
  3. Open the Design tab > Save Current Theme > Rename the theme.
  4. In the Start Page > Custom > right click that theme > select Record Software Simulation.

The steps are quite similar to those mentioned in this video:


I think I didn’t get you properly. Please find attached file. It contains edited cloud call out which I want to make it as default for simulation which I plan to record.
Custom shape default for Simulation.approj (216 KB)

This modified shape doesn’t give me option to make it as default.

Somehow, YouTube link didn’t open on office network (blocked) and also not opened on mobile. Can you please send it again?

Also let me know where do we see the first image you shared in reply?



Unfortunately, ActivePresenter 8 doesn’t support setting freeform shape as the default shape yet. We will improve it in future releases.