Custom HTML output or stitching files

Problem: Can we take custom output having particular slides in the presentation. Example:
For Output A - Include slide 1-20, 51-80, 81-100
For Output B - Include slide 1-20, 21-50, 81-100

Consider 100 slides to be in same AP file.

If not, can we have multiple files managing this scenario. 1-20 and 81-100 in MasterFile, 21-50 in FileB and 51-80 in FileC. And then based on the need, files stitched together creating output. Please provide us some solution.

ActivePresenter version: 8.1


Hi Shri,

The Show in Mode property for slides is now supported in ActivePresenter 8.
To create the different output, you can do the following steps:

Steps 1: Select slides that you want to hide

Steps 2: In the Properties pane > Size & Properties > Show in Mode, you will then see the Show in Mode section like this.

Then, select any check box to choose the corresponding mode for the selected slides.