Custom Colour showimg as transparent in ActivePresenter 9

Problem: When the colour of a shape or text is set to Red: 255, Green: 0 , Blue: 255 the shape/text becomes transparent, making programs open behind ActivePresenter visible through the shape/text. Programs can also be selected through the shape. Exported content appears to be normal.

ActivePresenter version: 9.07

OS: Windows 11


Here are some images to show what I mean, take a simple shape, change the colour to R255, G0, B255 and the program becomes transparent everywhere the colour should be displayed.



Thank you for reporting the issue, @scottjones05.
This is a known issue of the ActivePresenter current version.
And we had planned to fix it in the next major update.

Have a nice day,

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I have updated to 9.1.0 however this issue remains.

Hi @scottjones05,

As Ms Thuy’s informed in the previous response, we plan to fix this issue in the next major update, which is version 10.
I understand this might cause some inconveniences for you, but we are working on other prioritized tasks at the moment.

Please rest assured that this issue is already included in our track, so I hope you can sympathize and wait for a bit more.

Thank you for your understanding.



I thought next major update meant an update of the current version, not a new version.

Can you tell me when you expect this to be released as I purchased version 9 in April so I only have free updates until April 2010 and due to this problem version 9 is pretty much unusable for me so I’m going to have to downgrade to version 8 or 7.

We just released ActivePresenter 9 at the end of last year, and are still working on developing new features and enhancements for ActivePresenter 10.
Thus, unfortunately, I can’t give you an exact time on the release of this upcoming version.
Normally, every 2 years is the ideal time we expect to release new version, so we will inform the community when we have detailed plans.

If you have any questions/ requests related to your license purchase, please contact for further discussion.

Quynh Anh

Hi @scottjones05,

Hope you’re doing great.
The issue is fixed ahead of schedule. Kindly experience the improvements by updating to ActivePresenter 9.1.3.


That’s great, thanks.

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