Curved Arrows for paths

Is it possible to create an arrow that fits to a curve?

In v3, I create a circle and set the fill to empty and the line to 40px. I then change the Draw Mode to partly and alter the Line length to the required size to produce my arc. This all works perfectly.

Want I would also like to do is add an arrow that follows the same arc or ideally, animate the creation of arc path with an arrow head. The problem is that the arrow heads only appear when then path length is 100%.

Do I have the settings wrong or is there another way to do this?

Hi mackavi,

Saola Animate doesn’t support drawing animation of a shape path with an arrow.
However, you can create an arrow shape, and use a motion path with auto-orient to move and rotate this shape as if it’s the arrow of the drawing path.
Please not that you can right-click the arrow shape on Canvas and select Create Motion Path from Shape from the popup menu to create the motion path.
Sample project:draw-arrow.saolapack (2.4 KB)


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Thanks Toan,

The motion path from shapes is a great addition. I was using it wrong but your example reminded me to add the key frame to change from a full circle to the arc.

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You’re an experienced user of Saola Animate so I didn’t mention this :slight_smile:.

Too much time in lockdown :slight_smile: