Cursor path issues?

I have an issue when adding a ’ cursor path ’ PLEASE NOTE: Adding a cursor path was working fine for the last few days, the error has just started to occur.

If I add a cursor path on slide 1 for example. ( The cursor comes off the screen and lands on a button) It seems to work fine on timeline playback.

[ THEN ] I move on to slide 2 and basically do the same thing.

And again on Slide 3. [ then I export to preview ] the cursors are all over the place following random paths.

After a closer look…

A. I noticed on Slide 1 the cursor path has randomly changed after adding a cursor path to slide 2 and again on slide 2 the cursor path randomly changes when i add a cursor path on another slide.

Im using slide 1, 2, 3 as an example it doesn’t matter which order I do it in.

Any help would be amazing

I hope this makes sense.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.3.2

OS: 10.13.6 Mac osx



Please make sure that the option named Cursor Snapping in the View tab is not selected. Otherwise, the cursor positions will be synced between slides.


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Thanks for the quick & helpful information