CSS warnings when tool bar is hidden in Firefox

Problem: In any project where I hide the tool bar on html5 output there are repeated 'Error in parsing value for ‘width’. Declaration dropped. and 'Error in parsing value for ‘left’. Declaration dropped CSS warnings in Firefox browser console. This slows the computer.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.2

OS: Windows 10

Notes: Messages don’t occur in other browsers


Can you please tell the version of Firefox that you’re using? It is strange that I could not reproduce the issue.



it’s Firefox Quantum 64.0 64 bit


Can you please share a simple project and its HTML5 output which has this issue?


Untitled.approj (348 KB)
Untitled.zip (1.8 MB)
Like I said it’s with any project, so I’ve just uploaded a blank one with a button to pause it so you can see the repeating loop.

Oops! I am sorry for my mistake. I forgot to turn on CSS warnings.
We will fix the problem in the next update.


Many thanks for your help.