Creating quizzes

Problem: I have two questions about creating quizzes:

  1. With the quizzes I have developed to date, I have added a quiz type from your drop down selection, then gone to that slide, hit “Select all” and copied and pasted the quiz onto a standard slide background we use. This has worked fine. However, I tried this with the ‘Hotspot’ quiz type and when it is pasted in, the icon for adding the image is missing and hence I cannot seem to add the image. How do I address this?

  2. You do not appear to have a standard quiz type for ‘Drop area’. How then is that implemented?

ActivePresenter version: latest

OS: Windows


Hi Peter,

Let’s find the answers below:

  1. You can fill it with an image by selecting the answer area > navigate to Properties pane > Style & Effects tab > Fill section > Image Fill > choose an image from your computer or project.


  1. I’m sorry, but I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly. Can you explain “standard quiz type” in detail? For your information, ActivePresenter also offers Drag-n-Drop questions, apart from Drop Area.
    See this tutorial for details: How to Create Drag-n-Drop Questions in ActivePresenter 8


Hi Quynh,
Thanks for fast response.
On item 2, I mean the question types available from your “Questions” selection from the top menu bar. As you point out in your response, ‘Drop Area’ type question is not available. How do I properly implement ‘Drop Area’ with the same container structure etc as the question types available from the top menu? For example, most of these questions have a “Score & reporting” tab under “interactivity” for the container. How is that replicated in creating a Drop Area question type?

Hi Peter,

According to your description, you should add a Drag-n-Drop question. After that, delete drop targets and keep only one. Select the drop target and customize accept values and correct answers in the Accept List dialog if necessary:
Then, you can also customize events - actions depending on your needs.


That is great, thank you! But it does then bring up the question in my mind as to why you have the facility to separately create a ‘drop area’ if this pre-made object cannot be used within the container on your standard quiz questions?
What follows from this is the question as to how I make or ‘roll my own’ quiz question with the same structure as your template questions, specifically the container with the attached ‘Score & reporting’ tab? I could not find out how to add this to a container…


Drop area is an interaction object, along with others like Mouse Click or Key Stroke, etc. It is designed for using in software simulations. So, we don’t add it to quiz types.
Consider adding templates, we will consider to add the templates as you described above if having more requests from users.