Creating a Button

How do I create a button that will display the answer to my quiz questions. I do not want to use feedback or hints. It their a way to get this done in Active Presenter.

I would like to create a “SHOW ANSWER” Button

Hi Paul,

Yes, it is possible to create a “Show Answer” button as you want.
There are many ways to achieve that. You can consider doing the following way for the Multiple Choice question, for example.

  • Select the radio button of the correct answer > View tab > Object States > as a new state to highlight the correct answer(1).

  • Edit the Submit button to the Show Answer button > Properties pane > Interactivity tab > Events - Actions > On Click event > Change Object State action to (1).

This way, after clicking the Show Answer button, your correct answer will be emphasized.

Besides, you can also insert a shape/text caption (2) on the Canvas with the correct answer information. Then, set up the events-actions to show (2) when clicking on the Show Answer button.

Hope that it helps.

Attached is my file. I did what you suggested but it did not work. When the student clicks on the answer, I need it to display the correct “answer” (Private IP addresses can be drawn from one of the pools of addresses defined in RFC 1918 as non-routable over the Internet: • to (Class A private address range). • to (Class B private address range). • to (Class C private address range ) . When they click on the incorrect answer I need it to give another attempt. After the second attempt it will display the show answer button. I am using the updated version of active presenter 9.
Introduction to IPv4 Addressing.approj (528 KB)

Thank Paul, for attaching the project. It helps us understand your case better.
To archive your desire, first, set the question attempts as 2 (Properties pane > Interactivity tab > Score & Reporting section > Attempts.

Then, add suitable actions with conditions for the question’s On Incorrect event like this:


Here is the fixed project for your reference:
Introduction to IPv4 Addressing_fixed.approj (648 KB)

P/s: If you want to reuse events-actions across slides, you can put them into the Question layout of Slide Master. For more information about using Slide Master, see at How to Work with Slide Master in ActivePresenter 9

Best regards,