Create variable by mouse click


Hello everyone!
It is possible to create a button panel with numbers from 0 to 9 like a calculator.
And then by clicking on each number, this number appears in a text box.
Just like you do with a calculator, but you don’t need to do calculations, just display the numbers you click.
Thank you very much for your possible help.

ActivePresenter version: 8.2.0

OS: 10.13.6


Hi Betty,

Yes, it is possible to do that in ActivePresenter. Please follow the steps bellow:

Step 1: Insert shapes/buttons as numbers form 0 to 9 like a calculator
Step 2: Create Number variable. (On the Home tab > Variables > click the Green Plus button to add variable > enter a name and select NUMBER for Type > click Add & Close)

Step 3: Insert a text caption and click the text area. Then access the Home tab > Reference > double-click the variable you’ve created.
Step 4: Set On Click event and Adjust Variable action for each number shape to make the corresponding number appears when clicking it.
Please see my attached project for more detail: show number.approj (276 KB)
Kind regards,

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Thank you very much for your time Phuong…and for the example you have given me…
But I needed to see the full number of buttons clicked.
For example… if I click first on the 3, then on the 2 and then on the 1… the number 321 would appear in the box.
That should be the correct answer to the question of the exercise.
I had done this kind of project years ago, but in Flash, and now I have to transform it with Active Presenter.
I leave you the link to show you what I would like to realize.
I hope not to break any rules by inserting the link.

Thanks again and have a nice day

Hi Betty,

Thanks for your explanation.

In this case, you can perform the step 1 and 3 as above guide.
In step 2: you can add Text variable instead of Number variable.
Then, in step 4, please select Concatenate for Operator to make it display more number when you click a button.

Please check out the attached file text variable.approj (232 KB) to see if it helps.

Kind regards,

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Thank you very much Phuong, you were enlightening … wonderful!
I would like to ask you one more thing…
Is there any possibility of putting a limit to clicks?
For example… the child will only have to click on 4 numbers, so even if he clicks on several numbers, they will not be displayed.

Hi Betty,

To limit the number of clicks, you can do as follow:
Step 1: Add a Number variable to allow counting the number of clicks (Home tab > Variables).

Step 2: For each number button, add condition to Adjust Variable action you’ve created before.

Step 3: For each number button, add another Adjust Variable action to its On Click event to count the number of user clicks.

In additions, in this sample file limit click.approj (240 KB) , I’ve created a Delete button to help clear displayed number if you want.
Hope that it helps.


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It’s perfect Phuong…it’s exactly what I wanted…
You even put the “delete” button, I really don’t know how to thank you, you were fantastic!
Thank you very much for everything! :heart:

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