Create Symbols from Image or geometric shapes TROUBLES

Problem: Maybe it is a trivial problem, but I cannot create a symbol from a simple square shape designed on the canvas. Accordingly to the tutorial, it should be very simple: right-click on the shape or image and convert it to a symbol just with the same size of its source shape or image, but it happens that as I create the symbol it brings together the whole canvas. Can you help me? Thanks

Saola Animate version:2.7.1 (Release 2019.09.18)

OS: Windows 10 Pro



From version 2.0, when converting to a symbol, Saola Animate makes its bounding box fills the entire scene instead of fitting its content.
This behavior is suitable for designing responsive symbols but may not good for normal symbols.
We’ll try to improve it in the future.

If you don’t need a responsive symbol, you should convert an element to a symbol first, change the symbol element size from % to pixel, then double-click the symbol to add more elements and animations later.


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Thanks, Toan Le. I appreciate your tip. Very useful.