Crashes on Widows 10

Version 6.1.3 running on Windows 10 crashes at the start of captureing and leaves the green capture area box that cannot be removed w/o restarting computer. Trouble shooter says that “Active Presenter is incompatible”. What am I missing? Website says that 6.1.3 is compatible with Windows 10 ands it runs on my wifes Windows 10 Enterprise.


Can you please tell what the error message was? If a program crashes there’s an error message, a screenshot of the error message would be helpful.

But if you didn’t see any error message then it probably didn’t crash.
Please note that when ActivePresenter starts recording it will minimize itself to the system tray, you can click on ActivePresenter icon in the system tray to pause, stop or discard recording.

P/S: ActivePresenter was developed and built on Windows 10 and it’s completely compatible with Windows 10.