Crash while editing screen capture

Problem: when I edit a screen capture with audio, blur areas and keyframes, splitted objects and cutted ranges, very very often, pressing stop button or clicking on the time line, the program freezes. I have to force to close, and restart it.
At the moment, every change I make, I have to save to not lose the work done.
I saw related posts, so that’s why I attach log file. Non of the tips were useful.ActivePresenter.log (937.8 KB)
Can you help me?
Thank you.

ActivePresenter Version: 8.0.4

OS: Win10


Hi Stefano,

It seems to be a machine specific issue. Have you tried updating graphics driver then switch back to GPU rendering?

If the problem persists after updating graphics driver, can you please help us to check if the issue happens with the temporary version at


Thank you for your reply.

Graphics driver is updated. Intel utility Driver & Support Assistant didn’t found a new one.
So I installed the temporary version and seems working fine…

Thank you.
Regards and stay safe.


Hi Stefano,

Thanks for your information.
Please let us know if the problem happens again.

Best wishes & regards.