Crash activepresenter on windows 10

Hi guys ActivePresenter.log (1.6 MB) :wink:
I’m having some problems with the program, constant crashes …
I would like you to take a look …
I am forwarding the log. to help.
It gives no message, just hangs and it is necessary to restart the program … this is being constant.
The crash happens when I play the project to start the video cropping work.

Thank you!

Hi Carlos,

Does the issue happen with every projects or just a specific one? And, can you please confirm that your computer has a new audio device?


Hello people. :wink:
I would like to thank you promptly and apologize for being slow to respond …
As for the first question, yes, it happened in every project.

However, when I forwarded the system log, I realized that the problem could be related to the sound application, so I did a fresh install of Realtek and everything was fixed. :grin:
Now working normally, it should be a conflict with a drive that was installed on my new machine.

Thank you very much and a hug to all and a happy Father’s Day … which is today here in Brazil. :wink:

We are glad to hear that the problem has been resolved.
Happy Father’s Day :wink: