Counter on Screen

Problem: Hours and min counter displayed on screen for the video mpg4 file

ActivePresenter Version: 7.2.3 Free edition

OS: win 10

Notes:I would like to use active presenter to display a counter for the duration of my video. Its a flight video and I would like to show how long the flight was in hours and mins as a running counter for the duration of the video. Is this possible with AP ? Thank You PR


In current version, you can show the counter in the HTML5 output only, there’s no way to show it in the Video output.
For HTML5 output, you can use apElapsedTime variable to display the elapsed time in the format hh:mm:ss since the presentation started playing.
If you want the counter for just a specific video in the presentation, please let me know. It’s more complicated and must be done by using JavaScript.