Couldn't start capturing. Restart the application

Hello was to use ActivePresenter again, and I’m getting this message when I try to start the Screen Recording project.
System message:
Couldn’t start capturing. Restart the application.
If the problem persists, contact us for support.
I remember I updated today, but it wasn’t gone before the error or after.
How do I send the Log? I get the message here that new users cannot file files.
I got to uninstall, then I cleaned the Windows 10 registry, downloaded the latest version, but it returns the same error.
Help me please.

It was in fact the Avast Antivirus Ransoware module, in which I had protected the \ User \ Documents folder.
I disabled it so I was able to perform and record with the camera and microphone.
Since I bought the antivirus, I really had not tried to record again, now reading the posts here I found the solution.
Sorry and thanks.

Hi paulonunes,

Thanks for sharing the information.
We are contacting Avast developers to resolve the issue.