Could not create default object templates Activepresenter Error

what can I do withe this error
Activepresenter Error
Could not create default object templates
File 'C:lUserslNabiI NasshaatlDocumentslActivePresenter TemplateslDefauIt
Could not create default object templates

2019-07-13 17:54:16: File ‘C:\Users\Nabil Nasshaat\Documents\ActivePresenter Templates\Default.apobject’ couldn’t be removed (error 5: Access is denied.)

2019-07-13 17:54:16: Could not create default object templates


Please close ActivePresenter then restart your computer and try again.


I am having the same problem… “Could not create default object templates”. I have restarted my computer. Please help.


It seems there is a problem with ActivePresenter Templates folder %USERPROFILE%\Documents\ActivePresenter Templates. Please make sure it is not on a network drive. Or the file Default.apobject is locked, you should find this file in the templates folder and remove it. After that, please restart ActivePresenter to check the problem.


Mine is on “c” drive and still i get that message…


Can you please check the permission for the folder ActivePresenter Templates.
In some case, its permission is set to an network account but the current account is local, especially in enterprise environment.


Can you please give more details directions on how to change… i am not a tech guy… so not sure how to navigate to this window

Is it possible to remote access to your computer to check now? If yes, please email us at support@atomisystems to go further steps.


Sure, what time are you available?

I am available now :slight_smile:

Email you now thanks

can I send u a google meet link? I dont have anydesk subscription to generate log in id and pw

i email what you suggsted. disregard last message

I have downloaded the version 8 software for windows 10 and I am getting this same message when trying to open the application “Could not create default object templates.” I am also unable to record anything in the app and get error message “could not create project file…” I am able to pull up the security folder for activePresenter Templates as shown above and cannot see anything strange. Please advise and thank you for your help!

Hi all,

The problem may come from Windows or ActivePresenter depends on PCs.

Check if it is a Windows problem:

Open your web browser and press Ctrl+ S, the save the file to Documents folder: C:\Users<your_user_name>\Documents.

If you can not save the file, so it is a Windows problem.

There are some tricks to fix this problem on Microsoft forum at:

If the problem persists, you can try the steps as the case of an ActivePresenter problem.

An ActivePresenter problem:

I am not sure if it is actually an problem of ActivePresenter but the following workaround will help:

  • Create an data folder outside the Document folder, for example a folder named ActivePresenter on Desktop.
  • Inside that folder, create two folder: ActivePresenter Projects and ActivePresenter Templates.
  • Start ActivePresenter, click Preferences (the Gear icon) > General and set Project Location and Template Location to these folders.
  • Click OK and restart the program.


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The last four bullet points you listed have seemed to resolve the issue for me. Thank you!

También para mí ¡Muchas gracias!


Some users said that they accidentally clicked the Block App instead of Allow App option in the antivirus software which led to this problem. You can add ActivePresenter to its whitelist to overcome this issue.


You might be using a directory which is synchronized by onedrive or dropbox.
If you create the “\ActivePresenter” and “\ActivePresenter Templates” directly under c:\ or c:\users\yourusername then it should work

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