Copying slides from one project to another project

April 2020 - I have been recording software simulations. If I am able to record the entire simulation in one shot, I am good. However, I often have to stop the recording, so I end up with two different projects. I was trying to merge these projects. However, when I copy a slide from one project into another project, everything moves around on me. It appears that the screens are not the same size. I have to click on the slide, open the slide properties, go down to the Background Image and click on Fit to Background button. Also shapes and text entry boxes are all shifted around. It doesn’t seem to matter which PASTE option I use, either Keeping the formatting or not.

Any suggestions?

P.S. I love this Active Presenter!

Hi Matthew,

Please try one of the following tips:

  • Go to Design > Slide Size. This tool provides few options to resize a project.
  • Select multiple slides at once, then enter Background Image values to change all of them.