Copying Event Action to other slides

Problem:How to copy event actions

ActivePresenter Version: 7

OS: 10



I have created a slide which has a series of event actions that I would like to copy to other slides. I checked the user guide but cannot find a way to do this. Can it be done? I’ve added an image of the slide I would like to copy to others

I have just check this section of the guide

Copying Events, Actions and Conditions
ActivePresenter allows you to copy events, actions, and conditions easily. To do that, right-click the event/action/condition entry > Copy . Then, right-click the destination object/event/action > Paste .

The issue is that the event actions etc are not copied across properly - you can see the Event Actions in the original slide and this is what is copied across - many of the Actions are missing - any suggestions gratefully accepted :-):rofl::rofl::rofl:

Many thanks



Hi Paul,

Regarding your screenshot, the feedback messages in two slide are different. Therefore, the events show/hide objects are removed. You should copy all objects in your template instead of just only events.


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Outstanding - that works brilliantly

many thanks