Copy text content from other slide automatically

Problem: I have some slides where text has to be common (text box). Example Slide 1 has Text_1. Slide 2 has Text_2. I would like to write some JavaScript where contents of Text_1 will automatically be displayed in Text_2.
I can manually copy text but at the time of maintenance or change in text, I will have to make that change multiple times. Would like to save such time and maintain accuracy.

I would also like to go through tutorials which will tell relationship between slides using options or JavaScript.

ActivePresenter Version: 8

Hi Shri,

This can be done easily by using variable in ActivePresenter. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a text variable with your desired text value. (Home tab > Variables > Add a text variable).
    For more information, please refer to this tutorial:
  2. Reference variable value to display this value through multiple slides.
  • Double-click each text box.

  • Home tab > Reference > Add the variable you have created above.

After that, if you want to change the text value, just edit it in the Value section of the Variable dialog as shown in the image below:


Thanks, this will be helpful. What if I have some formatting and change in font style?
Example: Header is in bigger font size, bullet points are in bold text or so.

As the text style depends on the object containing it, you need to style the text manually. Slide Master can be helpful in those cases.


Ok. I will try it and update.


I tried the suggested method of defining variable and text in it. The problem is on few slides I have almost full page text information.
Example: For New installation and Upgrade installation, some pages are having same text. So, if New installation slide has TEXT_1 or Shape_1 containing text, I would like the same automatically copied on Slide 2. But, I’m not sure how to do it. Can you give a solution to it please?

Hi Shri,

I’m not sure I fully understand your question.

“if New installation slide has TEXT_1 or Shape_1 containing text, I would like the same automatically copied on Slide 2”. Do you mean that you want to copy “TEXT_1” or “Shape_1 containing text” from slide 1 to slide 2 and these slides have almost full-page text information? If so, you should use Slide Master to create the same layout for these slides and add the variable as I mentioned above.
If that’s not what you mean, please share with us a screenshot of the issue so that we can better understand it.


Annotation 2020-08-04 102052

I have attached screenshot where I have marked a red rectangle. Now, this content gets repeated in 2 other slides as well.
Example: Slide 10 contains original content. Slide 20, and slide 30 shows the same content at same place. So content on slide 20 and slide 30 is a copy of content on slide 10.
Solution could be:

  1. Entire text box in which this content is written is picked from slide 10 and shown on the slide 20 and slide 30 as well.
  2. Content of the text box copied from respective text box on slide 10 and pasted on slide 20 and slide 30 on load.

Do you have any feature in Advance action which I can follow the procedure in, or any JavaScript code you have for this.

Hi Shri,

You can use Slide Master to achieve that.

  1. Open Slide Master (View tab > Slide Master)
  2. Add text to a shape/ text box in one layout
  3. Close Master View
  4. Add a new slide having the layout you have customized.

For more information about Slide Master, please refer to this tutorial:

Below is a sample for you. Any changes in the slide layout that you created in the Slide Master can be applied to slides using this layout in the normal view.
sample.approj (268 KB)

I think you are not getting it. I want content on slide 10 to be shown on slide 20 and slide 30. Re usability of the content is needed.
File you shared is of one slide which is not the case here.

var obj = prez.object(‘Shape_1’);
if (obj) {
setTimeout(function(){ obj.text(‘Text’); }, 2000);

This script you shared is only for delay. How will it read content from other slide (slide 10) and show on current slide (either 20 or 30)?

I’ve just updated my previous response. Please see if it works for your case.



This doesn’t work either. Slide master is for consistency in formatting. Placeholders are used for the content.
But, where’s the content? I need written content from slide 10 to be displayed on slide 20 and slide 30 automatically.

If there’s any change in the content, I need to make it 3 times. Instead, my work should be done in one go. That’s my requirement if it was not clear before.


It’s true that slide master is for consistency for formatting. I didn’t mean that you add text to a shape or text caption in the master layout since the custom layouts below it will inherit all the properties from the master layout. You should add content to the custom layout as shown in the image below:

After closing this Master View, you simply add a new slide having the layout you have customized by clicking the New Slide button. This will automatically add a new slide having the same content as the custom layout slide.


Thank you so much. I will test the practicality.
I have more than 300 slides and many slides use the same content depending on the navigation chosen by user. That many slides will have to be added as custom slides then.

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