Coordinate variables vs. Translate variables

When you make one object, then make 2 copies and spread them across the page by doing distribute horizontally, why does it change the Translate variable rather than the Left coordinate variable? Is there a way when moving objects around to ensure they are done through changes in the coordinate variables and not the translate variables?

A related to question to Coordinate variables — is there a way to set the coordinate variable to “Center” rather than Left or Right horizontally and the Center for the vertical coordinates as well?

Thanks so much!

Hi Shawn,

Saola Animate has Align to Parent and Flexible layout option for alignment tools which make elements still keep their alignment regardless of the parent/viewport size. To make it works, both coordinate and translate properties must be changed.
For consistency, alignment tools also changes both properties though these options are not selected.
To change only the coordinate, you must do it manually in Properties pane.
Can you please tell me why you need to change only the coordinate so that we can improve this feature.

About centering element, you can use Align Center and Align Middle tool (with Flexible layout option selected) in Alignment toolbars. Of course, it also changes both coordinate and translate properties. There’s no way to change only coordinate to center an element.


Its because conceptually, its easier to keep track of the Coordinates. Keeping track of the Variables is a bit too complicated (what does -100X, =42 Y mean) when quality checking the work and debugging.