Control Frames in Timeline

Is it possible to control a video through the timeline? For example, create buttons with actions to go to a any frame? (GoToAndStop frame xxxx GoToAndPlay frame xxx)…


We have two software: ActivePresenter and Saola Animate. Can you please tell which one are you referring to?


Sorry… Active Presenter

You just need to add an Execute JavaScript action with following code to the On Click event of the button:

prez.time(xxx); //See page 209 in Manual for details

For pausing and resuming, you can use Pause Presentation and Continue Presentation actions or using JavaScript.


Hey phuongdv! I’ll try! Would you have a sample code, please? I do not have much experience with programming …
Thank for your help!

GoToFrame.approj (804 KB)

Please check this sample.

Thank you very much for your attention with me, phuongdv! I’m going to study!

I’m trying to use pause …
Where is the error?

I got it phuongdv! Thanks!!!

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is any hotkey to fast forward or backward? or When the video is paused, skip to the previous frame? Thanks

Hi Jasmine,

I guess you are talking about Timeline in the editor. If so, please try with the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys. These will move the playhead backward or forward a bit (the amount depends on the zoom of Timeline) but not frame-by-frame.


Thanks. It works. Jasmine