Control AP project from embedded Saola


I know how to control an embedded Saola from AP, but I would like the embedded Saola to fire AP events or advanced actions. How can I do that?

Thank you.

Hi Dom,

To control an embedded Saola from AP:

var Saola = prez.object('Web Object name').frameNode.contentWindow.AtomiSaola;
var docSaola = Saola.topDocs[0];  // Saola document
// use Saola APIs to control the Saola document docSaola, e.g.
docSaola.getTimeline('Timeline name').play();

To control AP from an embedded Saola:

var AP = parent.AtomiAP;
var prezAP = AP.presentations[0];  // AP presentation
// use AP APIs to control the AP presentation prezAP, e.g.
prezAP.object('Object name').show();