Conditional Previous Next Buttons for easy navigation


I want to give a conditional Previous Next buttons.

For example,
I have 20 slides and I want to refer to slide 5 from Slide 12 and Slide 16. Hyperlinking to slide 5 is not problem. But when I have reached to slide 5, how will I find out whether I visited this from slide 12 or slide 16.
If I visit to the slide from say slide 12, Back button on slide 5 should take me to slide 12. If I visited slide 5 from slide 16, back button should take me to slide 16.
In this case, the button on slide 5 remains the same but redirects to the respective slide from where you arrive on slide 5.

is this possible and how to do it in ActivePresenter? I am sure that many of us will need this kind of navigation.

I do not want to duplicate slide 5. And, I have very less programming knowledge.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Shri,

You can use the action “Adjust Variable: set apCmdHistoryBack” for the Back button on slide 5.


Thank you so much for prompt reply, ToanLS!

It works fine :slight_smile: