Computer died and deleted video

Hello. I had recently made an important screen record and it took hours to edit and unexpectedly, my computer died and deleted the video along with it. It is not in my recent videos and idk what to do. Please help! I also had a bunch of other important recordings on the top of the tab. please respond quickly!!!


You can search for the cached recorded video file in:

Please kindly be noted that “.ActivePresenterCachedProjects” is a hidden folder so you might need to turn the “Show Hidden Files” option on to see it.
If there are video files here, you can copy them to another folder and open with ActivePresenter for editing. Otherwise, there is no way to recover your video.

Also, I want to add further information that ActivePresenter was designed mainly for creating high-quality training videos with much emphasis on editing capabilities. It wasn’t intended as a simple screen recorder for recording very long sessions.