Commercial use- video

Problem: Can I use free version of Active Presenter to produce a video with my comments in order to produce a course which will be available on my university platform (open acces)?

ActivePresenter version:




Thank you for your interest in ActivePresenter.

Let me provide you with some information about the Free version of ActivePresenter:

  1. It is used for trial purposes.

The Free edition is fully functional as the Standard or Pro edition. The only difference is that the watermark will be added to the outputs of non-free features until the license is activated.

  1. It is free for non-commercial purposes.

You can use the outputs having no watermark for a non-profit organization or an educational institution.


Hi! Thank you for your reply. It is really helpfull!
Just to make sure… for example in the proces of making course like this: English for Specific Purposes. Introduction to Science and Engineering – Open AGH it is legal to use AP to prepare videos? This is a course with open acess for everybody (educational cases).


As mentioned before, it depends on the features you use to create videos.
If you use free features (the output having no watermark), it is fine.