Clicking a cell in Excel is not showing it's outline in recording

During a Record Software Simulation the cell in Excel (latest version of Office 365, offline) which is clicked doesn’t show it’s outline.
It only shows the form with the text “Click on map 1”.

The outline becomes visible when another cell is clicked. But then the form with the text is over the second clicked cell.

It seems like it is a cell ‘behind’, so to speak.

A picture to show what I mean:

Is there some setting I missed?


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This may happened because of ActivePresenter default settings for recording.
By default, Advance Screenshot Capture duration is 1000 ms (click Record Setting… (the gear icon) on the Record Software Simulation Project dialog > Recording Settings for Software Simulation > Audio & Video> Advance Screenshot Capture).

This means, one second before you click a cell, ActivePresenter will take a screenshot.
So, you can try to set 0 to see if it work.

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Thank you Thuy for your answer.

I’m afraid this is not the solution.
Whatever settings I set it to, it stays the same.

I notice that in Word something similar happens (was just testing :slight_smile: ).
When I click in another line of text, the cursor stays ‘behind’.
A picture of it:

I even tried changing the ‘Pause presentation to wait for user input’ for the ‘mouse click’ in the Object settings.

Do you have any other suggestions for a setting I not aware of?


As you may know, ActivePresenter will take a screenshot at the time or before a period of time you click mouse.
So if you set 0 for Advanced Screenshot Capture duration, the app will capture each time you click.
And obviously, your cursor will display at the previous line. After clicking, in the next screenshot, you can see that your cursor moved to new line.
For this case, you can export your recorded file to video or HTML5 to see how it work.

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Hi Thuy,

thanks again for your fast reply.

I’m using “Record Software Simulation” and have the “Advanced Screenshot Capture duration” set on 0.

I guess it’s only happening when I click on a cell:

When I click on a format-button (in the example: text-center) it is correctly recorded as clicked:

But now I understand of your reply how the action is recorded.
My intention was to show to outline on the clicked cell, so that my colleague was not confused witch cell was clicked :slight_smile:

An alternative way for this is to click twice on a cell to record the outline and delete the first slide afterwards.

Thanks and greetings.

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Actually, when you move your mouse cursor to a format button, it changes state even if you haven’t clicked yet :slightly_smiling_face:

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