Click while moving picture

Hello there,
When I set a path for a picture, I can’t click on the moving picture to interact. Do I have to wait until the end of the moving path to interact?

By the way, can I set the trajectory of the picture path motion to cyclic motion? Until the operator clicks the button to end the movement.


You can increase the tolerance between mousedown and mouseup position to fire click event by adding the following code to Project Properties > Event tab:

AP.ClickMaxDistance = 200; // increase this value if your object moves fast

Another way is adding a Execute JavaScript action in slide On Load event to handle mousedown event of the motion picture

$(prez.object('your object name').node).on('mousedown', function() {
    // code to execute actions here

To repeat a motion path animation until the operator click a buton, you can add the motion path to an interactive timeline, double-click the animation time bar in Timeline to open Animation Settings and select Repeat: Until end of Slide.

To start/stop this motion path animation, please use Start/Pause Timeline action.