Clearing user input in a previous slide

Problem: I am on slide number #6 and discovered that the answers I entered on slide #2 are wrong. How can I go back and re-answer them? I realized I could not achieve my goal using the “clearing user input” option while still on slide #6. Using the option “Re-start presentation” will do the job but delete all my previous answers on the other slides. I tried to use the “Advanced Actions” tool, but I don’t have enough knowledge to get it working. Any help? I think “Advanced Actions” should work, but would you suggest a different way to get the exact solution?

ActivePresenter version: 9.0.6



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Let’s take slide 2 as an example here.
The solution is to create a number variable, set its value to equal the slide index number (e.g. 2), and then, if the variable equals 2, add the Clear User Input action to slide 2.
If you wish to return to any other slide, just repeat the procedure.

For more information, please refer to the sample below.
11 (2).approj (520 KB)


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Hi my friend, the problem with your suggested project example is that when pressing the button (on the 4th slide), all slides in the presentation get reseted. This is not what I am looking for. I could have done that using the Re-start presentation option. What I really need is that, despite the place where i am going, only the slide I return to should be clear from the user entry. The other slides should have their normal user entries already on place, this way, making it impossible for any changes on its answers. This is why I thought the advanced actions would work. I hope it makes clear now!

Sure, I fully understand what you’re saying and appreciate your explanation.
Please take a look at the attached project to see if it meets your needs.
delete_answer.approj (516 KB)

To achieve your desire, we don’t need advanced actions, just use a number variable. The value will be sent to the variable when the user enters text in the text box and presses Enter.

Therefore, you first add a number variable to the text box in slide 4
Then, add an action to go to the slide index number to the On Text Enter event of this text box.
Also, you must change the value of the number variable to 0 in order to reset it and prevent it from erasing user input each time you reload the slide.


In the On Load event of question slides, you need to add action to clear user input if the number variable is equal to the current slide index.



Hi Hang, the example you sent, worked good. Thank you!

I am wondering how would it work if In the 4th slide I had only the button liked to go back one slide and cleaning the answers on slide 3. In other words, it would not need to have entry text box. Just the button. How would the be changes in this case? Thank you so much for the great help. You guys are great!


Hi Deni,

The concept of having a button to return to the previous slide seems to be much simpler, but the learners can only go back one slide by clicking that button.
button.approj (544 KB)

If your course includes numerous questions, adding a “Go back” button to each slide can make it difficult for users to get to a particular slide. That’s the reason why I added a text box on the fourth slide.


Yes, hang. You’re correct. It makes sense. Appreciate your expertise.
Thank you! I think I can develop something from here.

Thanks again.

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I do exercises for people learning to read in their mother tongue.

Thank you for this very helpful input in button.approj which allows do redo a quiz on a previous slide. The proposed configuration above does work for me for the drag-and-drop exercises, writing words.

However the proposed configuration does not work for a multiple choice quiz with one answer. When coming back to it, the correct button is still checked. I want it to be clean, allowing the learner to do the exercise as many times as he likes. I don’t do any scoring or tracking of results.

I can send you a short version of my project with the two main types of quizzes I am using, if that helps.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @Cecile Cecile,

Please feel free to send your project and its external data folder named PROJECT_FILE_files (if any) to so we can take a look at it. If the files are large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive and share the download link (with access permission) with us.

Best regards,