Changing defaults

In Active present 7 I’d like to change the default behaviour of some items. For example, the zoom and pan interaction now seems much quicker. I’d like to set the default transition time to 1.5 seconds instead of 1. Another example, I’d like to change the default colour of a shape to white (and include fade in and fade out). At the moment I have to make these changes every time I add these elements and it is vastly increasing the amount of time I spend editing videos.

I am on the free version but looking at the docs and the outline of the paid versions there’s no mention of changing defaults.

P.S. Why has the spotlight been changed to a rectangle! (it’s the little things).


For setting the defaults for shapes, please take a look at this tutorial
You can also apply this method for Spotlight. However, this method doesn’t apply to zoom-n-pan.
Regarding the form of spotlight, it seems to be an issue in the version 7. We will check and fix it soon.