Change the resolution of a project

Problem: I would like to change the player settings for a project. As this increases the height of the player toolbar very slightly, I would like to decrease, accordingly, the height in pixels of the project itself, so that the total height (toolbar + project) is 1080 pixels .

So, is it possible to change the resolution of a running project, and how. Or do I have to start all over from a new, sized project?

ActivePresenter version: 8.2.1

OS: MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6


Hi Gilloo,

ActivePresenter doesn’t support changing player toolbar height directly, you will need some HTML/CSS skills to modify the player’s layout files to achieve it. For example, for the Curve skin, you need to modify the files in /Applications/

For changing project resolution, please select Design > Slide Size.

To make the total height (toolbar + project) is 1080 pixels, you need to use responsive projects or keep the content in the actual size mode. Otherwise, the content will be scaled (like in a video player) but the player won’t be scaled, so the total height will not be fixed.