Change object state on end of audio

Problem: I have a ‘next’ button set up throughout my project that changes to an available state when criteria are met, such as an ‘on complete’ quiz question. This works fine so far. For some of my slides however, I want the criteria to be ‘when the audio ends’. I can’t find the right combination of Events-Actions to make this work. What is the best way to do this please?
(Similarly, I have a situation where I want an audio file to start when a quiz is completed. Basically, audio elements don’t seem compatible with the normal Events-Actions methods.)

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.6

OS: Windows



This can be achieved by using Interactions > Animated Timer. You just need to put the timer at the end of audio and add the On Timer Complete event. To customize a timer, go to Properties > Interactivity > Timer.


Thank you - that solution works well for starting the audio or changing an object state at the end of a quiz. (Although if a trainee finishes a quiz quickly, they have to wait until the end of the timer to progress to the next slide, which is not ideal).

Sorry that I asked two questions in one in my original post, but how can I add an Action at the end of the audio? e.g. to keep my Next button in the inactive State until the audio is complete?

I guess you want to add the action when audio stops playing. If so, the current version of ActivePresenter doesn’t support this event. We will try to support it in the future release.


That’s a shame, because for e-learning, you don’t want them to skip ahead to the next slide until the narration is finished. Any suggestions for a workaround? I thought I could add a duplicate slide (with no audio, but the Next button active) that plays automatically after the slide with the audio has finished. But that would double the number of slides in my project. Any other ideas?

Maybe I misunderstood your problem. QuestionSample.approj (1.2 MB)
Is the attached sample the thing you want to achieve?


Thanks for your example. In it, you have linked the Shape 9 (which I assume represents my Next button) to the correct answer. I want to link it to the end of the audio, regardless of whether there is a quiz (you’ve answered my question about quizzes already, thanks :blush:).

My audio is quite long, so I haven’t thought of adding it as a ‘play audio’ file. Can you add a long (e.g. 40 seconds) to a ‘play audio’ event?

Say I have a simple slide with a photo and a person talking about the photo for 20 seconds. I don’t want the user to be able to progress to the next slide until the audio is finished. How would you achieve this?

Yes, please see this sample
PlayAudioSample.approj (1 MB)


OK, that’s a good workaround. Although I want the audio to play automatically without user input, it’s given me some ideas. Thank you.

Yes, You can do that with the slide’s On Load event or Animated Timer.


Perfect! Will do. thank you.