Change Object settings before recording simulation

Hello ,

I would like to change the default setting of an object say mouse click to;

Line - opacity 0
Attempts - Infinite

How do I make this change before I start recording a software simulation or for all mouse clicks in the project.



With ActivePresenter 7, you don’t need to prepare the settings before recording anymore.
You just need to record as you normally would, after recording you can select any mouse click object to change the settings then right click it and select “Apply to All Mouse Click Objects” > Style from the context menu.


Hi ksurrao,

To reuse the object settings for multiple projects, you can follow below steps:

  • Create a new blank project.
  • Insert the object that you want to reuse settings, a mouse click in this case.
  • Change the settings of the mouse click.
  • Right-click the mouse click and select Set As Default Mouse Click.
  • Save the project as ActivePresenter Slide Template (*.apslide) in the location C:\Users<user_name>\Documents\ActivePresenter Templates so ActivePresenter will load it automatically. For example, you can save it as MyTemplate.apslide
  • Go to Start Page, in the Templates tab, find MyTemplate, right-click it and select Record Software Simulation.

This method allows you to set the Style, Score, Attempts… as default settings for objects.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot!

This template/appslide feature is pretty good.