CC Management in videos


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I have a problem and hope that you may fix it. Problem is that I want to manage CCs in videos via ActivePresenter.
The only way this is currently possible when enabling a (navigation)timeline is via progress bar.
But the progress bar is not a feature that we use in AcitvePresenter. We are using the Media Controls of the video to enable a timeline. When skipping inside the video, the CCs and the Video are not matching anymore. I don’t quite get why it is not possible to align the video duration with the slide duration?
Or maybe include an option to manage CCs inside the video (controls)?
A solution would be highly appreciated.

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ActivePresenter version:
Version 8.5.4 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2021.11.18)

Windows 10

Hi - I’m having the exact same issues as @sariwest ! I cannot adjust the media control player bar to the time stamp of the slide itself or vice versa - so the follwoing issues occur, depending on the above mentioned options:

  1. when using project player setting progress bar: I can scroll through all slides (not wanted, I just want to scroll through video on one slide), but then the CC doesnt match the video anymore, as the CC is set to the project timeline
  2. when using the media controls of the video: I scroll ahead in the video, the CC matches - however I have to wait for the slide timeline to catch up (can’t go to next slide when video is done, because slide timeline is still running)
  3. when importing video as web object: I can’t set any triggers to the object, so I can’t say e.g. “go to next slide at end of slide” or anything else

Is there any way to add CC to just the media controls, so it can be done independently for the video?

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You can do the following as a workaround:

  1. Add closed captions to your video.
  2. Export the video with the Export Closed Captions as Hard Subtitles option checked. By that way, closed captions will be hard-coded inside the video.
  3. Import the exported video with hard subtitles to ActivePresenter again.
    By doing that, you can control the video and its closed captions simultaneously.

Moreover, if you want to go to the next slide when the video ends, you can add the On Ended event and Go Forward 1 slide action to the video.

For your convenience, we’ll consider the feature that allows attaching subtitle file to video.


I have just experienced this same situation and would like to upvote the feature request for more control capabilities on the video player (e.g. captions/subtitles, speed, described video, transcripts). And to ensure the video player is fully accessible (example Able Player | Fully accessible cross-browser HTML5 media player., this is our default player in the rest of our website application).