Can't use my webcam with Elgato cam link 4k on Active Presenter 8

I have a tech question and hope someone can help me …
I would like to use my webcam with ActivePresenter8. I have a Sony camera attached to my laptop (Windows 10) through the Elgato web link 4k. It is working fine as a webcam in Zoom and it is listed as a webcam in Active Presenter 8 … but as soon as I want to select it, it jumps back and won’t let me. Any idea what I can do? I’d really appreciate any help!

Hi Billie,

It seems ActivePresenter 8 doesn’t work properly with the Cam Link 4K device. Could you please send us the log of ActivePresenter so we can do further check?



The problem has been resolved in ActivePresenter 8.5.6.