Can't start capturing

It says can’t start capturing. I already restart the application and nothing changes. so I contacted you. Please help me fix this problem.

Hi Zeus,

Did you see the crash report dialog?
If the crash report dialog appears, please fill in your email address and send it to us.

Besides, could you please send us the log file so we can check.
To view the log:

  • In Start Page, click Preferences (the Gear icon)
  • Select Miscellaneous.
  • Click View Log.

(If you cannot attach the log here, please send it to


I am also having that same issue, right after it updated I cannot record any video and its interfering with my workflow

I am having the same problem. After updating, on 29th January, the programme couldn’t start capturing, not camera not screen capturing… I uninstalled it, installed, the problem stayed. Afterwards I tryed with AP 7 version, and I could start recording video camera and screen… I need the programme badly, for my students lessons… Help me, please.

Hi all,

Can you please provide a screenshot, the error message if any, or the log as mentioned above for the issue? It is quite hard to guess what problem is from the descriptions.


Hi again,

We have received some reports from users about the file access problems which may be similar to yours.

Please try the following:

  • Close ActivePresenter if it is running.

  • Move all files in the folder C:\Users<your_user_name>\Documents\ActivePresenter to another location, then delete this folder.

  • Start ActivePresenter again.

If the problem persists:

Please let us know if the solution above works for you.


For me, removing the ActivePresenter did not work…
But changing the Project Location in Preferences worked !


Some users reported that the problem came from antivirus software like Avast.
It wrongly blocked ActivePresenter from accessing some locations on their computers.
If it is your case, please add ActivePresenter in the allowed list of the antivirus software.