Can't scroll elements list using UP and DOWN keyboard buttons

Problem: Can’t scroll elements list using UP and DOWN keyboard buttons

Saola Animate version: 2.7.1

OS: Windows 10

Two-part question but both related:

  1. When you click on an item in the elements list using the mouse, it selects it on the canvas. It would often be advantageous to be able to scroll up and down the list using the up and down buttons with every click of the up and down buttons selecting the next element up or down instead of having to click on each one with the mouse in the list. Could that be implemented in Version 3?

  2. Also would be a huge help when you have a lot of elements in the list and on the canvas, if there was a “search function” to just type the name of the element and it would select it on the canvas and in the list. Maybe also in Version 3 :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Locky,

  1. We will add this feature to our To-do list, but the exact plan hasn’t yet been specified. As we are going to release version 3 soon, this feature doesn’t seem to be implemented in this version, unfortunately.

  2. In version 3, you can use the “search function” in the Timeline pane and the Elements pane.


That will be very useful, thanks for the reply Hang!

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