Can't get slides to stop and wait for Next button

I’m new with AP. I’ve tried everything to get slides to stop at the end of each slide. On every slide I’ve unchecked Auto Advance on every slide. I tried to set pause for an ONLOAD event. No matter what I do, the slides just keep barreling through the entire deck. I also tried to uncheck the Auto Advance in the Slide Master, but it is grayed out there (unlike shown in their video).

I do have a Next button set up in the slide master with a Go Forward action set on them.

Any help would be appreciated

Hi Roger,

In HTML5 Demo mode, events and actions will not work, the presentation will play as a video.
If you’re using Demo mode, please try other modes (Tutorial, Practice or Test) so that the presentation can stop and wait as you set.
If it’s not the case, please share your project to for further checking.