Cant find the batch object options shown in the tutorial?

Hi I want to select a speech box and batch edit them all across the project to a specific colour and batch change the current shape from square speech bubble to round.

  1. I did find a tutorial on this question within the Atomi support however my active presenter does not have access to the menu options listed in the support article.

a. ) A screen shot of my active presenter menu.

b.) A screen shot of the tutorial example on Atomi

My software version is up to date and this is a screen of my licence.

Hi Nicholas,

That tutorial is for ActivePresenter 6. You version now is ActivePresenter 7, so it is not applicable.

In ActivePresenter 7, we provide another way to change styles of multiple objects at once, you can see the tutorial at

And about changing default annotation shape type (from square to bubble) you have to change default object settings before recording. To do that, please take a look at Generally, the idea is you have to change all default settings to fit your need, such as shape type, color… then save it as a custom theme or default theme. Each time you record, these settings will be applied.