Can't always see what I Type - refresh issue?

Problem: When entering text into text boxes my characters don’t always appear until I click away from the text box. I’ve seen this in normal text boxes and in question text boxes and message text boxes.
I’ve also seen the same issue when typing into the name box on the slide properties.
I’m wondering whether there is a problem on the text box refresh.

I don’t have these problems in any other application.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.1.0 release 2018.02.12

OS: Windows 10 1709



This looks like an issue with the hardware-assisted rendering.
Did you have this problem with previous 7.0 or 7.0.1 version?

And please try to turn off hardware rendering option in Preferences > Miscellaneous > Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering (make sure that the option is checked).


I have this issue also; I have not noticed it when adding text boxes - but when adding captions. Sometimes they never update - until I scrub the playhead to another location and come back.

Will try your suggestion.